NCCC 2023


Northern Choir Conducting Competition 2023 (NCCC 2023)

The choir festival SyngSydfyn (= Singing Fionia) is arranging – for the 3rd time – a competition for young classically trained choir conductors from the 12th – 14th of June 2023 in Svendborg, Denmark.


The competition takes place in the beautiful and acoustically excellent Our Lady´s church in Svendborg.


The competition runs over 3 days and through 3 rounds with a semi-professionel choir (Det Fynske Kammerkor), an youth choir (SNUK – amateurs, but good standard) and a professional vocal ensemble ( DR VokalEnsemble / The Danish National Vocal Ensemble).

Besides performances with these 3 choirs, the participants have to demonstrate a shorter rehearsal session with the choirs.

The repertoire goes from late renaissance up to contemporary works.

The assignments are made by the jury.

From the videofiles every applicant has to send, the jury select 18 participants for the competition. After the first round 9 participants continue, after second round 3 continue and in the third and final round the numbering (for the prizes) is decided.

the third and final round the numbering (for the prizes) is decided.


1st prize = 3.000 euro

2nd prize = 2.000 euro

3rd prize = 1.000 euro


Consists of the internationally well-reputed choir conductors Alice Granum (DK), Michael Emery (UK) Stefan Parkmann (S) Ralf Sochaczewsky (D)

Rikke Lender (DK) is representative from The Danish National Vocal Ensemble.

Chairman of the Jury is Povl Christian Balslev (DK), head of the Festival.


Choir conducters, born 1th of july 1988 or later with citizenship and/ or permanent residence in Europe can apply for the competition.

Applicants must document an education as classical choir conductors from a conservatory/ musikhögskola, an university or similar institutions. Applicants, who are in the final years of their study will be accepted.


Together with the letter of application every applicant will have send a video recording with a duration time of MAX. 3 minutes and showing the conductor´s technique from different angles and  notolder than 2 years.

This recording should not be edited/ mixed etc.

The files must be suited for MAC or Windows.

Please remember to inform the name of the performers (choir, conductor, soloists etc.), titles of the music and date(s) of the recording(s).


The whole project depends on the financial support we can obtain from a long row of private foundation and the arrangers therefore reserve the right to cancel the competition, if the economical base turns out to be too uncertain.

There will be no fees for participation, but the applicants will have to pay themselves for transport, board and lodging, – but we will of course help you in getting good prices where it is possible.


Deadline for application is January 23th, 2023

The 18 selected participants will be informed directly in the middle of March 2023

If you are interested in participating, please apply via the electronic formula.


If you have questions, please contact us by mail or phone:

Povl Balslev
Mobile: (+45) 2160 6258

Inger Allan
Mobile: (+45) 2120 4017

Interested in taking part?